According to studies conducted in 2014 by the Bank of Spain (Banco de España), Catalonia ranks second in the profitability of residential properties, and over the past year this figure has risen from 4.7 to 5.1% on average for autonomy.
The year 2015 showed a trend of high demand for rental of real estate in some regions of Spain, which provoked a price increase in this segment of the market. This situation provides real opportunities for making a profit when buying real estate against the background of a fairly low level of its value, achieved now.

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With an average profitability rate of 5.1 for Catalonia, in some areas it reaches 6%, and with a competent selection of a particular property, you can achieve payback rates of 7-10% per year, using primarily the following search parameters:
apartments in the nearest suburbs with good infrastructure and communication with Barcelona (lines of the underground metro and suburban electric trains - ferrocarril and cercanias),
apartments located close to industrial centers, university areas,
banking real estate, sold at great discounts if you need small investments - cosmetic (non-capital) repairs.
Thus, it is possible to invest in real estate objects worth 50.000 -80.000 euros with the price of a square meter of 900-1200 euros followed by a payback period of 10-16 years.
From this point of view, the most interesting for investments are the nearest suburbs of Barcelona, ​​such as Terrassa, Badalona.
At the same time, the growth in rental prices continues, and this trend continues for the next 2016.
The purchase of several such apartments is attractive not only in terms of making a profit, but also the possibility of obtaining a residence permit for an investor in Spain with a total investment of 500,000 euros.