This story started 3 years ago. Flew to Spain on several occasions and visited repeatedly with my wife and thought, do not even buy an apartment there? Actually, why not (good land, heat, sea and all that). Where should I start? Yes, and finances are not special, about 20k. Maybe in some mortgages will be able to enter, or a studio to buy a small one. There were more questions than answers.

We arrived in the region Costa del Sol (noble place, much green). And went to the next real estate agency that spoke in German. We have learned about the price, the mortgage and all that, the prices, say, are not the cheapest, for the studio 120,000 - 150,000 euros. A loan is only if you make 50-60% of the cost yourself. The conditions are not very good. And there was no such money. But the options looked. The apartment is mostly used and small, but of course the fact that there is a lot of green everywhere, a swimming pool, set on a positive.
On the way they found another woman who "allegedly" sold apartments from the developers. The apartments are new class, but there was the price even more expensive, for 2 bedrooms the price was 300,000 euros. But you could give up to 280,000 euros. This did not suit us either.
When he returned to Berlin and saw all the pleasures of the motherland, Spain wanted even more. Began to search the Internet for other agencies. Other conditions. It took 3 years. Finding a suitable agency in Berlin is not realistic, because prices for all orders of magnitude higher than real, Spanish prices. Several times were at real estate exhibitions in Moscow. Where we were offered "beautiful apartments" in Torrevieja, was also used. Later, when they saw this city, they were appalled. In general, this is not the city of my dreams. And the apartments with broken doors and uprooted pipes in dark areas were exhausted. Then there was another company that promised to sell a good apartment on the Costa del Sol, but only sent options from Torrevieja. And more and more.
Then I was lucky enough to meet people who bought an apartment in Tenerife. They took their contacts from the company and began to correspond. We decided, this time maybe happy, let it be Tenerife. But unfortunately ... What we liked was expensive and there were no good mortgage conditions, and what was not was not in the best of areas, though a new building and a 90% mortgage. But the price was too high.
Frau spoke up for the Spanish language, so I decided to search in the original sources directly in the Spanish construction companies. We searched hard to find a Spanish construction company on the internet. We started to correspond. The conditions were good 90% mortgage, a new house, an acceptable price, but no known region of which nothing was known - Costa Blanca. I liked that they responded promptly to letters and the variants were more interesting than in other "real estate offices".

Villas and apartments in Spain

Villa in Spain at the beach

Villa for sale Costa Blanca Spain

Over the years, the eye for "divorce", "hidden interest", "and our bank friend is so cheap!" And other manipulations of the rogues were already sharpened. The company on all parameters gave the true information, it was like the truth, they decided to risk it! Well, the down payment was made (by a transfer from Germany), the documents were created, transferred, insured, sent over the Internet copies to the bank. We are sitting for 2 weeks, we care! And hurray! The loan was granted 90% and we went to Spain with pleasure!
Spain, as always, met us with warmth and beauty. We were picked up at the airport and taken to the hotel.

For 2 days we signed all the necessary documents, got the keys to the apartment and the lucky ones went to the city of Benidorm to their apartment, which is 800 meters from the sea. The apartment is 65 sqm in total, 45 sqm. Small but comfortable. Now you can buy a larger area for the same money, but at that time there were no such offers. There is parking in the area of ​​2 types of subway 5t Euro and a car space 3t Euro. You can buy and you can park right next to the house in the order of things or nobody will steal anything.
The city did not disappoint, it is the best on this coast. The apartment hit us with furniture and everything necessary for life. We bought 3 cups and held a banquet on the occasion of the inauguration.
Our epic with the purchase of an apartment has come to an end. Therefore, advice. Carefully choose the company where you buy it! It is better if she is Spanish! Do not pay mediators!
For those who are interested in numbers - the price of an apartment of 125 thousand took a mortgage for 30 years. We pay 380 euros per month. I paid a fee of 20,000 euros.

If you do not live in an apartment, then pay for 3 months for light and water 40 euros as a subscription. If you live then how much you hit, I have 3 months in the summer -46 euros and light 35 euros poured. There is also a "communard" - includes in the area + garden + shelter + swimming pools + courts for all this in the amount of 1 time in 3 months payment 100 euros. Housing insurance per year 260 euros. You can live in Spain for 400-500 euros per month, it is also cheaper if you cook yourself. Meat can be bought for 2-4 euros fruit 1-2 euros kilo macaroni I can not remember how much, the fish I took trout 2 fish came to 4 euros.